When Boys Become Men Will They Still Climb Trees?


BOY IN A TREE by Jo Ann Tomaselli


Everyone has it ~ that ideal moment in time we claim as our own, to reflect and give gratitude for the blessings of the day.

For some, it may be the first thing in the morning over a cup of hot coffee. For others, it might be just before falling asleep at night. For me, this moment comes at the end of the day, when the sun leaves our presence to make way for dusk and all the noise in the air and in my head quiets down.

Vacationing in Puerto Rico last winter with my family, our days were filled with various activities but no matter where our daytime moves took us, we would always find a location along the coast to watch the sun go down.

On this particular evening my son decided to climb a beach tree and sit in the crook of a limb to watch the sun set. The beautiful sea in the background and the setting sun created a  lasting impression of a young guy, up in a tree, enjoying the best moment of his day.

Wishing you many moments of gratitude throughout your day ~
Jo Ann

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