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A screen-shot of my Instagram page joanntomaselli Jo Ann Tomaselli Photography #jointhemorning ~ Same view different day - set & lighting design by Mother Nature

A screen-shot of joanntomaselli #jointhemorning

 Portfolio @ Jo Ann Tomaselli ~ Fine Art Photography

Back in November my hip, young niece told me I had to start a gallery on Instagam. I did and then I panicked – I had no idea what I wanted to put in it.  I didn’t want to post personal stuff – my life isn’t that interesting. I did want it to hold together in some way photographically but I wasn’t sure how. So it sat there empty until I decided to shoot the same scene every morning and see what came of it.

I had a few ‘conditions’ for taking on a new Social Media site.
1. It had to be fun  2. It couldn’t take longer than the time it takes to drink my morning coffee  3. I wouldn’t leave my backyard. I happen to be blessed in several ways – I love coffee, I’m fairly competent at operating my Samsung Galaxy S4 and my backyard has unrestricted coastal views over tidal marsh.

When I started with Instagram, I was shooting with my phone camera and doing some rudimentary processing. In December I bought a new camera, the Olympus OMD EM1, which has wifi capabilities. This, combined with of a few phone apps like SnapSeed, PhotoShopExpress and SquareDroid – is the perfect combination for an easy, fun filled morning photo shoot!

Thanks for taking a look and if you like,  follow me on Instagram!
Jo Ann Tomaselli

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18 thoughts on “INSTAGRAM ME T-H-I-S

    • Hi Lianne ~ thanks for the RB :-) Instagram is mobil. By that, I mean that images are taken, processed and uploaded from your phone be it an i-phone or android (and a tablet I suppose). It’s meant to be ‘instant’ thus the name ‘instagram’. It’s a visual site – as you can see from my screen-shot. Clicking on the Instagram link I provided, will take you to my entire gallery but I can’t upload to that gallery from my computer. Hope this helps with your on-going SM immersion – lol!


    • Elisabeth, I am so grateful to you for introducing me to Instagram, this gallery would not exist if it weren’t for you! I hope you know that every image in this gallery represents my gratitude & love for you ~ here’s to sunrise and you!!


  1. Great shots Jo Ann! I used Olympus E-PL5 and it has wi-fi too :) amazing how a camera technology is developing to that direction! I will follow you in instagram soon! cheers and have a great day!


  2. Thank’s for sharing this wonderful story, Jo Ann. Your IG feed has evolved quite remarkably since this post. Come to think of it, I have a wetlands preserve right out my back door and take it for granted a little bit (ok a lot) too much. Hope this note finds you well, Friend. Greetings from Chicago. God bless you and the positive difference your life makes in this world.


    • Your kind words are sunshine on my day Frank ~ thank you! You know, when I started ‘Same View ~ Different Day” I had no idea how long I would stick with the process. I’m glad I made the commitment because that dedication is what revealed the mystery, diversity, rhythm and charm of mother nature. If I had but one prayer it would be that everyone had physical access to a place of beauty. I know that’s not possible but hope my images help to serve that purpose. I encourage you to photograph your wetlands – I believe you’ll be as delighted by the journey as I am! Wishing you all the best in 2018!

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