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fence & birds

Fence & Birds


Jo Ann Tomaselli ~ Fine Art Photography

I was delighted to receive word today that my image ‘Fence & Birds’ was chosen for inclusion in Blue Fifth Review: Blue Five Notebook Series: blue collection 5: collaboration (Winter 2014 / 14.24)

I wish to thank the editors of Blue Fifth Review, Michelle Elvy & Sam Rasnake for their continued support of my photographic work and for including me in blue collection 5 ~ I’m delighted beyond words!

In their journal the Editors note: For blue collection 5, ten writers respond in poem and flash to five art pieces selected from Blue Five Notebook’s 2013 issues. The connections between the art, poetry, flash, and commentaries are a testament to the possibilities of the creative process.

Many of you may not know that my Bachelors Degree is in writing & photography. For my Senior Project I submitted to my mentors (Pulitzer Prize winning poet Steven Dunn & renowned landscape photographer Joel Sternfeld) a portfolio of poems, photographs and a lengthy essay on the nature of the creative process for each medium; how they are alike yet totally different.

I won’t bog you down with the entire essay but thought I’d share my closing remarks::

Although the end result of poetry and photography is different, in each the creative process originates because of a need for expression, in each this expression is fulfilled by employing techniques unique to the medium and in each a personal statement is being offered to others for interpretation. The goal of art is the transmission of an idea. If a poem is not articulate, if a photograph is not graphic, then even an essay describing the creative process can not make them successful. Each piece must be self-explanatory and exist without elaboration. Otherwise one has failed as a poet or a photographer in achieving his art.

I believe Clare L. Martin  in her moving poem ‘Seek the Holy Dark’  and  Nathan Graziano in his brilliant flash piece ‘Blackbirds’  have accomplished exquisitely what all artists hope to achieve!   Sending my congratulations and thanks to you both ~  it’s an honor to share the page with you!

click here to read blue collection 5: collaboration

End of 2014 ~ Now on to 2015 ~ Happy New Year!






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