F-A-C-E- Value

A portrait  photograph by Award Winning Photographer Jo Ann Tomaselli of two schoolgirls in Laos wearing white shirts and red scarves show that they're best friend by linking their hands and forming a heart around themselves. Buy Best Fine Art Photography at  http://jo-ann-tomaselli.artistwebsites.com/

Forever Friends

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People ask me all the time to take photos of weddings, family reunions and even corporate portfolio shots but that’s not my cup of tea. I prefer environmental portraiture and absolutely love my subjects rumpled, dusty, a bit streaked with dirt and in natural light. The images here were taken with a Canon 5D Markll. I’ve recently switched to the smaller Olympus OMD EM1 which, I feel, narrows the psychological distance when doing street photography.

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Jo Ann Tomaselli

A young boys initiation into the Buddhist monk-hood ceremony at Angkor Wat Fine Art Travel Photography For-Sale online


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School Boys In India

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Skylas’ Retreat

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All of my images are original work, copyrighted and as such, are protected by US and International Copyright laws.



13 thoughts on “F-A-C-E- Value

  1. You know I love your people…you have such a way of capturing them! Kudos to you for only capturing your cups of tea. There is nothing wrong with creating just for profit….hey we’ve all got bills…but if you can avoid that it is wonderful!


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