These days everyone is wondering: What is the key-to-life? What is that one thing or set of things that will bring ultimate happiness, contentment and possibly even longevity.

The answer to that question is personal for each of us but I can tell you what defines the ultimate state of daily well-being for me.- It’s a good cup of joe – call it what you like and take it how you will – caffe, espresso, Arabica or cappuccino, black, sweet, blended, frappe – all are amazing!

For me, there’s another ingredient that makes drinking coffee special ~ it’s a ritual I’ve shared with my Dad since I was 3 and Joe worked at home sewing drapes and slipcovers for the interior designers of House Beautiful magazine.

Every morning at 11am the stove-top coffeepot started to percolate. I loved everything about it – the smell, the taste, even holding the un-ground beans in my hand. The best part of all was having this time alone with Joe – just the 2 of us discussing what-ever.

June 2nd is my Dads 97th birthday and I’m happy to say that our ritual continues – twice a week Joe and I venture out for a cup of joe.

Happy Birthday Dad!
I’ll be over to pick you up around 11 am ~ coffee’s on me today!

Cup Of Joe – Image Art & Fine Art Photography by Jo Ann Tomaselli
To purchase Cup Of Joe, click image below

Fine Art America Cup Of Joe white coffee-cup filled with black coffee Buy Image Art Photograph Prints



25 thoughts on “HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOE!

      • Yes, small world ! So nice that you could have such wonderful memory moments with your dad, JoAnn, you are blessed. My parents made custom draperies in our house for over fifty years. As a toddler I was in my playpen with swatches of fabric to play with. Interesting thing is, as a photographer, i prefer black and white. You’re doing great things Joann … keep it up!


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