“Have we gone stark raving mad?”
That’s the question national columnist E.J. Dionne Jr. asks about the newly passed gun law in Georgia.

The “guns every-where bill”, signed into state law by Gov. Nathan Deal,
allows all firearm owners to pack heat in churches, bars, libraries, schools, some government buildings and airports. Gun stores are no longer required to keep records of their sales and police officers will not be allowed to ask to see an owners’ gun license.

For days after the Sandy Hook school shootings. I couldn’t wrap my mind or my heart around the loss and emotional devastation that had occurred so I started playing with conceptual photography to capture my feelings.

In addition to ‘CHAINED TO OUR GUNS’ I made the image ‘THE COST OF FREEDOM’. Disclaimer: the guns used in these images belong to me. I’m not against gun ownership, I do however believe in responsible ownership and instituting laws that serve all citizens. I suppose I’ll just have to watch the news to see how the new Georgia law plays out…. watch the news and pray.

The cost of freedom

Read the full article by E.J. Dionne Jr.: The gun supremacists’ folly @ http://bit.ly/1njr3Bf

View my entire image portfolio @ http://jo-ann-tomaselli.artistwebsites.com/


23 thoughts on “C.H.A.I.N.E.D. TO OUR G.U.N.S.

  1. I just don’t even have the words to express how very much I agree with you Jo Ann. The art is powerful and the message stronger still. Shared everywhere I can think of!


    • The wild west had handguns & rifles; I imagine our ancestors would be shocked by what is considered normal personal protection in this day & age! Thanks for your support of my art ~ always appreciated!


    • Thanks so very much for your kind comments Sherri – I’d much rather see the good & beautiful and photograph that but the ugly must also see the light of day so it can be shown for what it is and we can work for change.


  2. A shroud of sane thinking on a subject matter than seems to so often evoke extremes. Thank you for the thoughtful embodiment of a challenging subject. Just because something was, doesn’t mean something should be – most particularly when the pieces that make up the something have changed so dramatically. Everything from the types of guns that we possess to the constant barrage of media imagines that children and adults alike are bombarded with, to the loss of reasonable dialogue between parties that don’t see eye to eye. Those are game changers. Thank you for the provocative and heart-felt approach to a difficult subject.


    • Well said Rhonda! Thanks so much for stopping by and for taking the time to express your opinion on this much needed to be discussed topic! Have a lovely day and please visit my other posts – they’re mostly on nice subjects accompanied by my usually pretty photography – lol!


  3. I live in Georgia and yes guns are everywhere. I work in a grocery store and at least three or four people have their guns strapped to them.These are the ones I see. I’ve had more than a few patients carry them concealed. The thing that I find crazy is that this statue applies to bars!!! Bullets and Booze…not exactly the best combination. Thanks for such a great post!


    • Hi lilkaraphael ~ bars, drunks & guns = possible toxic situation for sure! Wish I could the piece by a university professor who talks about hormonal students carrying guns. whew. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment; good to hear your views!


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