The Universe told me today she’s going to put me in charge of the planet!!

What she said exactly was:
“You are exactly as you now are – with your every mannerism, challenge, and trait; skill, talent, and strength – because before this life began, at the height of your glory, with full awareness of your divinity, reach, and magnificence, you knew best the choices that would maximize this adventure. Bad hair and all.

Trust yourself. You chose superbly, and though you may not see it yet, you’ve already mustered the courage you had to muster, faced the fears you had to face, braved the storms, fought the battles, and exceeded every expectation you ever had for being the kind of person you hoped you’d be.

Just tickles me pink ~ I think I’m going to put you in charge of the planet.
The Universe”

Swallowtail Butterfly lands on a flower buy image by Jo-Ann Tomaselli


12 thoughts on “WHO’S IN CHARGE HERE?

  1. This is such a lovely image; I love that it does not appear to be over processed … just seems natural, as if seen in nature.
    Hello Jo Ann!
    I’m so glad you’ve visted my blog and thanks so much for the re-blog, too.
    It’s a fun, absorbing, fascinating experience here in wordpress world :-) I look forward to the part you will play in it.


    • I love Messages from the Universe ~ they are delivered to my mailbox every week-day morning. I neglected to credit Mike Dooley who writes these inspiring words; I’ll add his website link in my next post! Thanks for your visit Lianne :-)


  2. Great post! I love your swallowtail photograph…so beautiful! I raised Anise Swallowtails for several years, and it’s amazing to see the transformation from egg to various instars of caterpillar to pupa to butterfly :-)


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