RV-ing ARCOSS A.M.E.R.I.C.A. #2 BEGIN-ings

RV-ing ARCOSS A.M.E.R.I.C.A. #2 BEGIN-ings

The journey begins…..

If only I could tell you this journey started without glitches. That we hopped into our RV and drove off into the sunset joining the mass of summer travelers and situating ourselves into an RV site like the one pictured above.

A beginning such as this would have been ideal but the gods of fate had other ideas in mind.

In the beginning, Johan, who holds dual citizenship, was delayed leaving Sweden by legal issues at Passport control. On the 2nd day (after missing his flight the 1st time – sheesh! kids!) he received an education in which passport to present when checking in with the airlines, which passport to show at security check points and which passport to present when entering as well as leaving a country – they’re all different and you must do it without flaw, otherwise you’ll end up at best delayed, at worst forfeiting your citizenship.

With only his Swedish passport in hand in Stockholm Johan had to wait for the arrival of his American passport, by Fed-X. In the package I sent along a detailed outline of when to present which passport at each check-point and crossed my fingers that he’d unplug his i-pod, pay attention and get it right!  If you have the time and want to read a totally schizophrenic document, check out the US Embassy explanation on the use of passports for dual citizens.

Finally stateside10 days later than planned, the journey began….sort of.

They say things come in 3’s – if your lucky. On the day we left the house, there were delays of numerous kinds: an accident on the way to the airport that removed the drivers side mirror, a doctors appointment that almost resulted in surgery before we left Chapel Hill and a pulled back muscle when I stepped out of the RV without the pull-down stair in place.

12 hours later all was well – the mirror repaired, the ear surgery postponed and ice packs applied. As far as I was concerned, we got the ‘bad-luck’ out of the way and were now ready to head out on our great adventure in our rolling home which we named: IRVING HERMAN FRED-EX

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7 thoughts on “RV-ing ARCOSS A.M.E.R.I.C.A. #2 BEGIN-ings

  1. Not the greatest start but certainly a grand adventure just the same Jo Ann. It’s going to be fun following you around! Shared FB TGP


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