In the Autumn of 2011, I traveled 9,600 miles through 21 States in 72 days in a 21 foot Coachman-Freedom-Express RV, aka recreational vehicle, with my husband and his son.

It was a sightseeing journey of a lifetime through mountains and valleys, past gorges and oceans, into forests and National Parks in a motor-home that, by most folks standards, is way too small a space for 1 person let alone 3!

In the upcoming year I’ll be blogging more about this particular journey, so hop on the bus and come along on the journey!  Jo Ann Tomaselli

R-V-CAMPER at night with warm interior lights on Image Art Photograph buy Jo-Ann Tomaselli

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10 thoughts on “RV-ing ACROSS A.M.E.R.I.C.A.

  1. Wow – two and a half months! What an adventure and how very wonderful. Delightful image and can’t wait to hear all the stories! Shared. xo


  2. Joanne….I have a new boyfriend. He restores vintage trailors. Just experianced my first trip to ole town in Kissimmee that was so intersting and lots of fun! I love your photos of the RV and reflection on the lake . You really captured so beauties!


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