“S T I L L – S M O K I N G ?”


 I like this image capture because it does not judge the behavior, it only asks the question – “S T I L L – S M O K I N G ?”

 If, when, and how we make judgments usually determines how we treat others – it’s a personal affair that originates from a place deep within ourselves. Choice at this level is crucial as it can either imprison or free us.

Possibly the most important question to ask ourselves is: am I  ‘S t I l l – J u d g i n g ?”  The answer may just be the key to better health & happiness – how cool is that?!

Still Smoking Sign with question mark in sand cigarette and ash nearby

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4 thoughts on ““S T I L L – S M O K I N G ?”

  1. Very happy to say that I quit smoking 2 1/2 years ago – but that was after smoking for 50 years and heavily. Oddly, once I made up my mind to do it, it was a piece of cake and I’ve never looked back. My advice – not judgment – is go cold turkey. All those quit smoking aids just keep nicotine in your system or have side effects. Love your gentle commentary Jo Ann – that’s even better advice!!


  2. Your right about going cold-turkey Lianne – I too smoked when I was young & cool – lol! Quitting cigarettes equaled quitting chocolate – both made me feel lousy and what I had to do was tell myself: ” stop doing ‘that’ or stop complaining about how you feel when you do ‘that'” – tough self -love! Thanks for stopping by – you are always so kind with your comments,


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