Everyone has their all time favorite Christmas Tree ~  Maybe you love New York Citys Rockefeller Center tree all big & bright & shiny. Possibly it’s Hong Kongs towering tree covered in Swarovski crystal bands. Perhaps green is your thing and your new favorite tree sits in the center of Madrid draped in low consumption light bulbs.

Here in North Carolina we have this ‘thing’.  We build stuff out of discarded wine bottles. There are bottle houses, bottle walls & bottle bird feeders to name just a few. One of my favorite recent finds was this bottle Christmas Tree. It’s an outdoor affair and what you can’t see is the twinkly lights woven around the ‘branches’. I took this image in the daytime but I imagine it looks amazing at night when it’s all lit up!

Artist Crazy Mary from Holden Beach, NC  constructed this delightful Christmas Tree. You can see her colorful art & read more about her @ You won’t be dissapointed!


6 thoughts on “MARYS GONE CRAZY!

    • @Lee ~ I just visited a small shop on Floridas’ West coast and there was a whole garden full of blue bottle ‘bushes’. The insides were lit with tiny white Christmas tree lights & they looked amazing! Guess it just goes to show you, bottle art looks good in NC, NY & Arizona!


  1. Love it, big fan of earth building and they like to include bottles in walls, why shouldn’t life be like a “Light Bright!”


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